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You finally settle down to work on that big project for your business, to write that important email, or create some new products and then your email dings.

It’s an important message from a supplier, so you just take a moment to answer it right away.

Then you see that you have 15 new alerts on your Facebook tab, so you click over to see what those are about. Back to email. Oh! Someone retweeted you. That’s nice. Tweet them back to say thanks. And while you’re there, you see a really interesting article your friend tweeted, so you click through and start to read it. Half way through the article, you think you ought to pin it, so you hit the Pinterest button.

Your email dings again. Three new customer service emails. Gotta answer those right away. Then your phone buzzes to let you know you have a text from a business partner and—

Where did the day go?!?

You’re always busy in your business — sometimes overwhelmingly so — and yet, you never seem to get anything done! You’re so busy worrying about the little things that you never have time to focus on the big things that would actually move your business forward.


It’s a common question, and many people believe that the answer to plugging up those black holes that are sucking all their time away will come from a productivity tool — a system, a calendar, a planner a checklist…

But those aren’t the answer at all.

You don’t need another tool; you need clarity.

Getting clear on your goals for your business will help you cut the clutter and decide which tasks are essential, and which are just noise.

Too often, we get stuck on the little tasks that are the loudest, the ones that cry out for attention that are urgent, but not important, when instead, we should be focusing our attention on those tasks that are most important to our business — urgent or not.

Daily To Do Planner

I’ve developed this Daily To Do Planner to help you find that clarity you need to get out of the trap of addressing “urgent” tasks all the time, and find the space and focus to address the most important areas of your business. Download it, then read on for the three biggest time sucks you may be experiencing, and how a little clarity can fix them once and for all.



Pop quiz: How many other tabs do you have open right now as you read this article?

If I had to guess, I would say that the number 1 biggest time waster for most people is multitasking. You think you’re getting more done, but actually, you’re diluting your focus for all of the tasks you’re trying to juggle.

According to studies from Psychology Today, Only 2% of the population are actually good at multitasking — so the likelihood that you’re part of that small group is tiny!

If you find yourself constantly with 15 tabs open in your Internet browser, switching over to your email or Facebook every time it dings, answering phone calls and juggling questions from team members — all while you’re trying to write content or create a product — you definitely have a multitasking problem.

Try the following website out! Rescue Time, Inc.

Get Clarity:

It may feel counter-intuitive at first, but the more you focus on one task at a time, the more efficient you will get. Start by scheduling your day to work on one task at a time — and then stick to it! You’ll be more realistic with what you can actually achieve, and you’ll probably find that you end up getting more done in the long run!



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