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At the start of 2009, I had left my fear of failure behind. I was fed up with being scared and stressed about where my life was going.


I decided that I wasn’t letting yet ANOTHER year go by confused and waiting for my dream life to plop into my lap. It was time to do something completely different.

I took massive risks, got seriously productive, invested in support and launched my brand: Dream Build Success.

Now I’m getting paid for my passions, traveling (Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Bahamas, in the last 12 months alone), masterminding with my new international #DreamBuildSuccess crew in seriously luxurious settings. I have incredible clients and I am finally doing what I was meant to do!

Yet even I was surprised at how quickly success came for me.

In a sea of successful and inspiring women with similar businesses to mine - I NOW see how was able to stand out. It's all thanks to a single thing: MY BRAND.

I had paying clients within days of launching my biz, and I tripled my income goals within my first months! I never did freebies, trades, or test runs, yet I had insta-success! I created a strong brand I was proud of right off the bat, and it really gave me the confidence to put myself out there. It also gave my clients confidence in me!

Is having a brand that feels completely "YOU" and getting paid for your passions something that you want?

CLICK BELOW to get access to all things Business and Faith!!

I'm excited about your faith, brand, and your business!


LaShanda Gary

Founder & CEO


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