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Join us for our upcoming

Fempire is BACK... And this time we are doing it hybrid style. As much as I love the convenience of getting together online, there is nothing like gathering in person. So for our upcoming Fempire event we will meet virtually for 2 days and end it off with an in-person event!

Saturday will be a time of ACTIVATION!

There is nothing like having your tribe to hold you accountable when moving forward with your vision.

At CEO Chicks… We refuse to LOSE and quitting is not an option!

We know we are legacy builders, we accepted the call, received the charge, and now we are merely walking it out.

Fempire: A Hybrid Event!

Virtually and In-Person Virtual: September 8th & 9th at 9:30am/12pm/7pm ET Business Brunch: September 10th @11am 14846 Wyndham Lakes Blvd. Suite 6 Orlando, FL 32824 (Early Bird Ends September 1st)



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