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My Favorite Caraway Cookware Set

Elevate your home every day with these items! They will turn your space into a beautiful kitchen. If you haven't heard of their cookware, you can read my honest Caraway cookware review.

First off, the cooking surface of Caraway cookware is made up of layers of natural nonstick ceramic that’s smooth as silk, heats up quick and even cooking. It also cooks food evenly and super easy to clean.

The non-toxic cookware is free of toxic materials like PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, or toxic metals.

We all know eating healthy food is very important, it most certainly is 💯in my books. Cooking healthy food from a non-toxic cookware is just as important.

I’m in love with my new set and you would be too.

Here’s why:

The @caraway_home cookware is:

▫️ Non-Toxic Coating (Free of PTFEs)

▫️ Non-Stick Ceramic, Aluminum Core, & Stainless Steel Handles.

▫️ Stovetop Agnostic (Induction, Gas, & Electric Safe)

▫️ Oven Safe Up to 550°F

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Have you ever trashed a pot because you couldn't get the stuck on food out of the pan? You won't ever have that problem with this cookware. The food just slides right out of the silky surface of the pan.

  • 100% non-toxic ceramic cookware

  • Cookware Sets come with organizers at no extra cost

  • Beautiful colors to compliment any home

  • An investment in your kitchen and health

*FYI, I was gifted this cookware from Caraway.

Some people call the Caraway cookware boujee, but given the quality and how easy it is to clean, not to mention it's a non-toxic cookware, makes it a no brainer. It's probably the best ceramic cookware out there. I'd say, it's worth the price.

Beyond excited to begin using this gorgeous cookware. I am in love! They come in several different beautiful colors. It was a tough choice but I went with the color Cream and it did not disappoint! 😍

It's nothing wrong with being a little boujee right? You deserve to treat yourself every now and then.

  • Caraway Home Cookware comes in a several colors that will look great in any home: Cream, Gray, Navy, Perracotta (Terracotta mixed with Pink) Sage, and Marigold.

  • Cookware organizers are included with purchase of each set.

  • Caraway set includes storage solutions! Four magnetic pan racks are provided for to make organizing the cookware easy!

  • Compatible with gas, induction and electric stovetops.

  • Caraway cookware is Oven safe up to 550°F.

Many of the traditional non-stick cookware isn't healthy. Most of them contain a dangerous material called Teflon. It's the most popular toxic material used in non-stick cookware. If this material gets into your food it can be dangerously unsafe/unhealthy

  • Caraway non-toxic cookware is free of toxic materials like PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, or toxic metals. The brand also refrain from using any form of hard anodization

  • Caraway cookware/bakeware uses a mineral-based coating that unlike Teflon won't leach toxic chemicals into your food.

The cookware comes with a warranty. You can find out more about it at Caraway Cookware Set.

I didn’t realize having quality cookware would make such a difference in my food ❤️‍🔥 Eggs, chicken, steak have never tasted better. Plus it’s ceramic coated so they don’t release harmful chemicals when you cook.

Overall Thoughts

After a few weeks of using the cookware, I have not had any issues. I have a few friends who also have them and have not had any problems with their cookware. So I don’t have any cons to share at this point, but I definitely will if any should arise.

Are they an investment, yes. However, it brought the aesthetic all together. I have been very pleased with our cookware and see them lasting for many years.


LaShanda Gary

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