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Profit with a Plan!

Many times business owners want to look at outside circumstances as the blame for low sales. They say, “the economy is slow” or “people aren’t spending like they used to”. These statements are really just excuses. The truth is that there is no shortage of money in the world. People may be more selective on who they spend their money with, but they have NOT stopped spending. So why isn’t your business bringing in the big bucks? Let’s look closer to home…If you’re not profiting the way you’d like it’s probably because of these three things: Mindset Shift: Your money mindset is key to amassing wealth. Before you’ll ever profit big, you must believe that you can. This process entails a lot of in


We are so inspired by our DREAM TEAM for 2017? Well, Dream Build Success wants to help you out starting with a wealth of knowledge and talent. We are highlighting our top 12 favorites in their respective fields. We’ll be rolling out different lists from various industries over the next few weeks. We proudly announce our 2017 Women Who Inspire Edition! If you’re ready to build a booming business and strategy, please nominate a women who inspires you. We want to know who they are and story behind the inspiration. Faith- The lady that keeps your spirit on fire! She inspires you to stay focused on God, live with purpose, and has a heart for others. Business – She inspires you to be a BOSS! She t


They say when a savvy business woman walks into the room she changes the atmosphere. Make a positive influence when you step onto the scene with this beautiful classic tee. The DBS Classic fits like a well-loved favorite. Pair it with a blazer, tutu, or any fashionable accessory. Wherever you go, eyes will be on you.. Enjoy our favorite promotion… $10 Chic Tee P.S. … Don’t forget to share this promo with your friends! #fashion #Clothing #Atlanta #BusinessTools #Sale #Shirt #Texas #Houston #ChristianApparel #LashandaGary #NewYork #Marketing #Prayer #Dallas #Apparel #Business


Ready to Quit that Career? Here Are Some Inside Details on how! I have talked to many career women, especially millennials who are unhappy in their jobs and need the extra push to start a business or to transition into a new field. Changing career paths isn’t an easy goal to accomplish, especially for women like myself who have invested five-plus years in a profession. Here, I have listed some instructions that have helped me work towards my career goals. I hope you find them useful in your journey. Change your perception What is your perception of your situation? Are you only focusing on the things you do not like about your job? Instead of walking into work every day with a negative mindse


Entrepreneur’s are constantly on the go, whether they’re meeting with clients, flying out to give a presentation, or running to a team training. With this in mind, mobile access to sales systems aren’t just a nice to have — they’re a necessity. But besides company software, salespeople can also download productivity, educational, travel, and other just plain useful apps to optimize their time on the road. Here are 8 of our favorites. 1) Evernote Need to jot notes at a meeting or conference? Evernote has you covered. The mobile app also tags notes by location, so you can easily place a particular memo if you forgot to add a title. 2) Dragon Not into written notes? Dragon automatically transla


In order to attract and keep wealth, you must upgrade your money mindset. Many people go to school, work hard on their jobs, grind day in and day out…barely getting by. It’s not because they don’t make good money. It’s because you have to have a positive outlook and a positive relationship with money in order to attract more of it into your life. Wealth is a state of mind. When you learn how to have a definitive wealthy mindset, you will be able to attract it to you anytime you want it. There are many laws to prosperity that once you have been made aware of, can truly change your life. I am going to share just a few with you today. Money loves attention. Pay attention to your money. Often ti


Let’s Make 2017 Great Together! It’s finally here… 2017 starts now! You have been counting down to a fresh start and it’s here!!!! Congrats to all go getters who invested in their business and faith right at the beginning of 2017 by purchasing my new book  Destiny Strategies for Purpose and Success. Have you chosen your words to zone in on for the NEW RESET? I have been truly blessed to hear how people all over the world are getting their lives together! By selecting a word, scripture, and plan for success. I wanted to share some exciting things coming up! 2017 Women Who Inspire – click the link to nominate CEO Confessions Special Feature – click the link to apply Global Blog Contributors –

Are You Transparent?

In your business do you find yourself being Authentic or Transparent? Here’s the thing, you have a responsibility to be yourself and to be able to be clear with your audience as to how they can kinda step into your world. It’s okay to agitate and make them a little uncomfortable but you don’t want to completely repel them. There are certain things, frankly, that you don’t need to tell your audience. Depending on your archetype, being overly transparent can be irresponsible. Now, if the personality of your brand is peculiar or what we call a provocateur then being completely transparent with all your drama might be okay, as long as you’re consistent all the way through. But, authenticity shou