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Many times we start a new year or a new season in our lives with lots of high hopes and big dreams for our business. Only to be side tracked by life’s circumstances, slowed down by lack of focus or abandon the goals we set all together due to shiny object syndrome. However, once face to face with poor results, we cue the regular excuses, “I’m too tired.” “I didn’t have enough time.” “People aren’t buying_______. “You don’t understand, my situation is different… etc. The truth is excuses will never help you manifest your dreams. They only help you to feel more comfortable being average. The fact that you are reading this newsletter is proof that being average is not the goal, so let’s change


TIME SUCKS IN YOUR BUSINESS AND HOW TO STOP THEM TODAY You finally settle down to work on that big project for your business, to write that important email, or create some new products and then your email dings. It’s an important message from a supplier, so you just take a moment to answer it right away. Then you see that you have 15 new alerts on your Facebook tab, so you click over to see what those are about. Back to email. Oh! Someone retweeted you. That’s nice. Tweet them back to say thanks. And while you’re there, you see a really interesting article your friend tweeted, so you click through and start to read it. Half way through the article, you think you ought to pin it, so you hit t

Life Cycles

A couple of years ago I recollect traveling this well-trodden, meandering road with its rolling hills and overhanging trees. This road happens to be the route in which I favor to get home from work. What I would observe this particular evening stirred an intense feeling in the pit of my stomach and spread throughout my body. What I noticed was down trees, actually – land clearing at a locally owned memorial park. More land? Expanding… a cemetery, I thought? Initially my intellect wouldn’t register this as being significant. While passing this way over the next few days, here are some intuitive insights gained. Reality Is First, our daily routine is a life cycle of birth and growth, successes

Write the vision, make it plan!

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Entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth and oftentimes find it difficult to relate to friends and family who are not business owners. It’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed especially if you’re not profiting from your business like you desire or reaching your full potential. You can get discouraged and plagued by that awful feeling of being STUCK and maybe even be second guessing your business venture altogether. This happens to millions of business owners every year but this doesn’t have to be your story. You don’t have to go it alone…just because you are in business for yourself, doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself. You can get connected. There are people, places, and prog

10 Tips for Pursuing a Worthy Ideal

Based on the fact that you’re reading this is an indication that you have a dream and an inkling to pursue it. Know that your desire alone sets you apart from the masses who have yet to connect, or reconnect , with their dream. There is however a minority – those who actually pursue their dreams and goals. In the Strangest Secret, Earl Nigtingale explained that “A success is anyone who is realizing a worthy predetermined ideal, because that’s what he or she decided to do … deliberately. But only one out of 20 does that!” His definition of success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal is perhaps the best definition that we have adopted. That dream, that goal, that paradigm has to b


“2016” is here! Happy New Year, Happy New You! Every new year we make new resolutions and pledges to change the things that have been problematic for years. The gyms are packed, healthier food is purchased, travel arrangements are made to bucket list destinations, church attendance increases and savings account deposits are made. Getting out of debt and saving money is the fourth of the top ten commonly broken new year’s resolutions as published in “Time” magazine. Financial topics are usually not fun. We quickly become distracted by social pressure to spend money. Such pressure contributes to the statistic of only 1 in 3 that save. New Year’s resolutions exist because we want to focus speci