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Let’s chat a moment, if you stumbled across this blog, 9 times out of 10 you have considered the question, “Is my brand not appealing to my audience? ” I’m here to provide you with useful, as well as action steps so sometimes we must address the pink elephant in the room. Is Your Brand Unattractive? I hate to say it but some of the ones I have seen are, and it could be blocking your bank. Now when I say ugly I don’t mean just how it looks, but how it is set up. What are some things that make up an attractive brand? 1. Clear theme. What colors have you picked for your brand? Is there a meaning behind it? Are the colors showcased throughout all of your social media platforms and your website?


2017 is quickly approaching and I am preparing to do things TOTALLY different next year! One of the major changes I’m making is going over the top with some of my sites. I’ve decided to streamline some of my merchandise to one site to make things easier to find. With that being said, you can enjoy up to 50% off your purchase today! YES! 50% OFF! So please visit our online store! Take a look at our incredible sale! VIP COACHING BOOK STORE BOSS STORE BUSINESS BOUTIQUE #BlackGirlsBlog #BlackFriday #Clothing #WomeninBusiness #Boutique #Houston #BusinessCoach #LashandaGary #Mentor #BusinessCourse #coach #Apparel #Class #boss #Blogger


It was about eight years ago that I was depressed and I will never forget it. My Bank of America account was $130 negative from trying to pay my bills with money I did not have. My pantry was light and we struggled for real. It was a challenge, we were educated but broke. I felt like a total loser. You mean I spent all those years in college just to end up like this. The job I had couldn’t cover my basic needs. There was rent, electricity, the car payment, car insurance, student loans, and more. Not only was I broke but my self-esteem took a major blow due to stressing over finances. Since I didn’t have any cable in my home as a last resort I would entertain myself by reading books. During t


WHEN I was going to MD Anderson I noticed there were a lot of women who felt like their value was connected only to their diagnosis. Through prayer and reflection God showed me that regardless of a woman’s diagnosis status, situation, or circumstance she is always covered by God. In turn, Hence, well WAKE.PRAY.SLAY. was born…. WHY… my why is that my prayer of hope and restoration will be activated in every person that wears this apparel line. I will never forget those words that came from my doctor… “Well young lady, it’s a tumor.” With fearless eyes, my pupils locked in on my physician and I just nodded and said, “thank you sir.” In the deepest parts of my spirit… I knew this would work out


Ever wonder how people are able to profit from the things they’re actually passionate about? It’s possible and this e-course is going to show you how! Find out how LaShanda was able to build an Global Brand that’s not only popular, but profitable. You need to know the secrets that changed the way she does business and allows her to profit from her passion! In this class, you’ll learn: √How to create a money making mindset √How to create a business plan for ANY industry √Time + Money Saving Tools Once registered, you’ll receive this course via email! Enroll today for $15! #Money #Branding #BusinessModel #BusinessTools #success #BusinessPlan #LashandaGary #DREAMBUILDSUCCESS #Marketing #boss


We live in a “look what I have age” and often it’s easy to get caught up in seeing what others have, and using their standards as a measure to set our own goals.  Sadly, we end up chasing many material possessions or social statuses that at the heart of ourselves truly don’t mean anything to us. We let others decide what success truly is and, in the end, we’re the ones disheartened. How do you decide what influences your goals or whom to measure yourself against? How do you define what is truly success for you? Do have success? Make a list. What does being successful mean to you? This list is private so you don’t have to share it with anyone or feel as if you’ll be judged for being under/ove


So today is the start of a SUPER ambitious goal of mine for 2017. I would like to work with MORE entrepreneurs on their business strategy, planning and marketing. To do this, I will be offering live classes, events, and webinars to work hand in hand with business owners as a group and NOW, I’m offering the opportunity to be on the WAIT-LIST for my first ever virtual business class, “Branding With the Boss!” leave your email below! I have taken the time to list 21 Must Have Business Tools for your growing brand and business: 1.How To Build A Brand Strategy Template 2. Ultimate Guide to Delivering Value 3. How to Write a Cover Letter 4. How to Write A Contract 5. How to Start A Blog 6. Market


Welcome to Dream.Build.Success. CEO Confessions where we share the untold success secrets of fearless bosses! One major life changing lesson I’ve learned on my Entrepreneurial journey is that the real power, the true leverage is in people. We learn from one another, we support one another and most importantly, we connect one another. My goal is to always learn at least one lesson from everyone I come in contact with because our connection was no accident. Have you ever had the opportunity to meet people who are driven by purpose and passion? Well, I met some phenomenal speakers at the Path2Purpose Conference this past weekend.  The Dream Team and myself are super pumped about “The Supernatur


MEET US AT THE HILTON HOTEL WESTCHASE 9999 WESTHIEMER HOUSTON, TEXAS 77042 Attending and covering the Path2Purpose Conference for the 1st time truly was mind blowing. Inspiration OVERLOAD!! The dream team definitely will out do themselves this year!! I’m very selective and picky about attending conferences for many reasons. 1st off, they normally way too expensive. 2nd, the guest speakers talk about the SAME exact thing you hear on the podcasts, social media and ALL over the internet. AND, I almost never actually connect. BUTTTTT Honey, the Path2Purpose Conference is a breath of fresh air. We have prayed, slayed, and stayed the course. The decor is going to be BEAUTIFUL, we have some of the


As with anything the art of meditation becomes easier and more effective with practice. One of the biggest concerns that I’ve gotten from clients is what to focus on while meditating. So, I’ve put together a list of meditation prompts for business owners to help you succeed in business. 1. Meditate on Money. See yourself receiving checks, checks being deposited, clients writing checks to you. Think about the amount you want to earn and open your heart and mind to every way possible to receive money into your business and life. 2. Meditate on Your Promotion Process. Before any marketing campaign, take time to plan how you want it to go, then spend time meditating on the process. See it from t