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Successfully Strong


We are in success overdrive this week at Dream. Build. Success. for our exciting event “Path2Purpose”. If you haven’t registered today would be a great day to do it! Remember fast action gives phenomenal traction. We have the best photographers, DJ’s, speakers, and of course the ultimate dream giveaways!

I often say that the good life is planned, it doesn’t just happen. Maybe you’ve been in business for a long time, or maybe you’re just getting started. You might even work a day job and just have a hope and a dream to start a business. Whatever your situation, how you plan this week and in the weeks to come will determine the results you obtain, and how you operate on a weekly basis will determine how you live.

Planning is paramount to your success. I really can’t overstate the importance of having your life and business well planned – it truly makes all the difference! I am an avid planner, taking time weekly and daily to plan out my success step by step. I want to share with you the fundamentals to planning for a successful week so you can maximize your satisfaction, outcomes, and ultimate success.

Make your planning time sacred.

You should have a set time each week for planning out your success. This is essential for a great balance. For me, this time is Sunday evening. Choose a time that makes sense for you and your schedule – just make sure you choose a time and stick to it!

With our ever-busier calendars, it’s easy to put off things we see as ‘optional.’ Unfortunately, many times the things we view as optional are actually the most important – planning is one of these. Once you’ve decided on a planning time, stick to it like all your money and success is on the line, because really, it is!


Maximize your meditation.

Begin your planning time with a period of meditation. No, you don’t need to be a yoga master to meditate. It’s really about getting quiet and listening for answers to your burning questions. Here’s a good way to start meditation if you’re new to the practice: write down your top 5 questions or problems for which you need an answer. Read the list out loud several times. Now, close your eyes and clear your mind. Expect to receive the answers you need. Don’t focus on the questions – just let your mind lead you and listen for what you need to hear. If you’re looking for more information on meditation, you can start by searching for meditation in the search bar on my blog.

Paint a picture of your success.

If you can harness the power of visualization, you’ll see results that will amaze you! If you’re working on a big project, create a vision page or vision board. All you need is some good magazines, scissors and a glue stick. Cut out pictures and words that illustrate your desired outcome and paste them on your page or board. Take time to look at it each morning for the rest of the week, and watch things begin to come to pass!


With this being said… Have a beautiful week. I cannot wait to connect with you this weekend at our exclusive event Path2Purpose! You will be activated into your destiny by being in this transforming environment of success. Visit the Dream Shop to register now! We only have a few slots open.





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