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Join the nations’ most influential branding boss, business coach, and entrepreneurial mentor LaShanda Gary for the highly regarded, awe-inspiring Success Conference this summer to innovate your life and business.

The Success Conference is the empowerment conference for women. Over the last 2 years this conference has evolved into the premiere event for success in life and business. LaShanda Gary, is a heart-centered serial entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker that has touched the lives of women and men during her career. With a no-nonsense business acumen and unparalleled creative ingenuity, LaShanda has created top-rated business tools for business owners. Her style of business and coaching touches every fiber of your being…empowering you to burn down barriers with an ignited force of confidence.


More than ever before, women leaders and entrepreneurs are emerging from the paralyzing economic grip to become influential business leaders. If you are ready to stand up, stand out and create your own success story, then—You need to be there!


It’s your time to make it happen at the Success Conference. This one-day event in Houston, Texas will awaken your spirit and empower you to jump-start your success like nothing before… guaranteed. With every workshop session, you’ll feel your head flooding with new exciting ideas that come so fast that you’ll find yourself feverishly trying to capture every thought on paper.  It’s like unleashing the floodgates of creative passion! Feel the exhilarating rush of hope rip through your veins, making you want to throw your pen to high heaven and just shout!  It’s hard to contain the feeling that comes over you when you know that it’s really your time and FINALLY you’re going to make it big in business and life!


Whether your business is booming or you’ve just begun and you’re still at small beginnings, LaShanda and the Dream Team of Experts will empower you with the business blueprint you need to attract the success you’ve been wanting. For 1 day, you will be empowered to remove the mental block to success and achieve virtually any goal you envision. Click the link below to register today! #SuccessConference



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