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It’s been a quiet week here on but a busy one at G. Services & Design HQ.

This week it was time for G. Services & Design to undergo a hardware refresh. In order to maximize productivity and produce more great content for your viewing pleasure, I invested in a launching some fabulous products, Pre-Ordered the new iPhone, and a fresh all-in-one printer.


Investing in new technology and tools is critical to business. These upgrades will take my blog editing and processing time from 4 hours down to 90 minutes. Additionally, I’ll be able to run the Adobe design suite while exporting footage, which wasn’t possible with my vintage Software. It’s your incredible and humbling support of G. Services & Design that’s made this refresh possible, so thank you for all that you do to build this amazing community of women supporting one another.

to do list

As a small thank you for all that you do to support us, I created an open forum titled “Dream Success Chat.”

On the first Thursday of each month we will be hosting an event to answer your questions about entrepreneurship, branding, design, tech, marketing, social media, planning, fitting it all in, and anything else you’d like to discuss. Join us via Dream Success or check out either of our pages for the replay after the event.

Project Redesign 2

In the first installment of The Dream Success Chat we will discuss how to start your business with a full-time job (a.k.a. the #sidehustle).

If you’d like to tune in, add your comments below:

@ldgaryceo or @ldgary_ceo



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