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Yes, that is correct! Power partners are the most successful entrepreneurs. When you are aligned with the correct people you gain strategic insight and intuition that others only dream of having! Power Partners in business, life, and faith play a huge in your ultimate success. The right people around you can either distract you or push you.  

Success has different meanings for different people – more time to spend with family, living a certain lifestyle, the ability to help people and make a difference – these are just a few of the many definitions. We desire to succeed at higher levels and create new habits to live more effective lives. Though our pictures of success vary, there’s a common challenge for many – we’re not quite sure how to get there. We know where we are, and where we want to be, but what’s in between remains a mystery.


The good news is that there is a method to be more successful – to make more money, have a more satisfying family life, and make a big impact in the world. My recent workbook, “Dream Notes” is a guide that walks you through the process of improving your life, one day at a time. I coach many entrepreneurs who have amazing plans and dreams, but they don’t know where to start. So I gathered the most essential success principles and put them to paper, along with a daily system of reading, reflecting and acting that makes it easy to implement.

What is a power Partner

“Power Partner” is a term used to describe a fellow entrepreneur who is an industry or profession is complementary to yours. A great example of Power Partners would be a Real Estate Agent, Appraiser, Home Inspector and Loan Officer.

Relationship is King

Cultivating a relationship with your Power Partners is of the utmost importance. Your rapport with your Power Partners will mean the difference between a smiling handshake and actual referred clients being sent your direction. People do business with those they know (remember that adage “It’s who you know”?), those they like, and those they can trust. The more a person gets to know you (professionally and personally), the more likely they are to collaborate on business matters.


Reach More Clients

Mutual collaboration between Power Partners allows each of you to reach more clients, learn from one another, exchange ideas, and ultimately earn more income. Investing your time and establishing good relationships with different Power Partners can make a huge difference to your annual bottom line.

It’s a two way street!

We’ve all heard the saying “Your actions speak so loud I cannot hear what you say”. This could not be any truer when it comes to Power Partners.

The right information delivered in the wrong way can be ineffective. Sometimes we get so much great, helpful knowledge that it’s overwhelming, and we don’t end up taking much action on it.

It’s been awesome to hear many testimonials from readers who have used our dream tools as a lifestyle guide to make all kinds of positive changes – increasing their incomes, decreasing mental and physical clutter, becoming happier – it motivates and inspires me to see God working in people’s lives.

We have created decree pages, they are so motivating! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that you can use them every day! If people are looking for inspiration to attract success, this is where it’s at.

Let's discuss your portfolio...

The success principles can help you change your daily actions and set you on a path to greater success. Positivity tends to be infectious. When you find something that really helps you on a day-to-day basis, you just want to share it. What a fun way to bond with those in your Power Group!

Having a power partner won’t change your life overnight. It will help you start making real, positive changes, one day at a time. It’s time to rout out those haters and hinders that are simply distractions.

Powered Up,



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