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It’s amazing how when you share your real story and or testimony God opens major doors. I am so encouraged that I was able to share some of my darkest times in this journey of life.

I know you’re probably thinking… not “Mrs. Inspiration.” Well, yes it’s real and my story is a compilation of horror stories and real characters. Also, known as “SELF”.

In this particular article I share how I was deeply depressed and desperate. How my heart was broken so many times as well as my self-esteem issues. I needed saving from my own demise.

The September issue of NO COMPROMISE Magazine is life-changing, “I Will Live” and how people beat suicide, depression, and won. LaShanda’s article is on page 38. Read the entire magazine today


LaShanda Gary, many consider “the voice of the entrepreneur women,” she fiercely empowers you to “DREAM” for what you want by first BUILDing yourself from the inside out. She wants people to actually get ready to let go of the looser mentality and be liberated, but she not only talks about it, she displays this in who she is today. On page 36, LaShanda shows you how to create a powerful, positive mindset, and design your life’s destiny on your own terms.

She is creative, knowledgeable, and a dedicated, educator and entrepreneur whose goal is to empower women and men worldwide. As a business owner, she is the founder of Dream.Build.Success. and the host of the Path2Purpose Business Conference  scheduled this Novemebr 5th that continues to impact lives globally.

LaShanda’s choice of work stems from her deeply rooted desire to help create change in the lives of others. A former sales director of 13 million dollars, LaShanda is also known as “The Branding Boss!”. Find out more about LaShanda here.



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