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Ideas that Work!


High achievers have learned how to center their attention on the right things at the right time for optimum results. When you focus your time and energy doing the things that you are most skilled at, you eventually reap big rewards and results. In an ideal world, we’d all be doing this right? But in real life, we have all kinds of responsibilities, opportunities and distractions that are constantly vying for our attention, making it impossible to focus on our brilliance.

Nevertheless, in order to be great and make a big impact, we must find the time to focus, focus, focus! As a serial entrepreneur, wife, and boss, I’ve set daily habits that enable be to spend time focusing on what is important in my business and life. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a lot of pomp and circumstance to get things done. These simple habits are the foundation that keeps everything in play. By sticking to my habits, I am able to achieve more and do more with keen focus on my goals.

The last few weeks of the year is prime time to forecast for the “what’s next” in business and in life. In order to start the year strong, one must take advantage of these moments get focus on future goals and plans.

idea card

Great ideas are the beginning points of all increase. Many years ago, I discovered that ideas are the key to increase. Whenever I’ve been stuck in my business, or looking for the next step to take, I use my idea generation method to stir up my creativity and come up with my next business breakthrough project. This method has proven to work, over and over again, so I decided to share it with you – along with my all-new Idea Cards from my new Dream.Build.Success.  Accessories line – that can help you have the same kinds of results.

  1. Focus on ideas?

Ideas are essential. You need ideas to stay relevant in your business. You need ideas to make an impact in your marketing. You need ideas to build your tribe on social media. New ideas help your business to progress. When you run out of ideas, you will eventually run out of business. You can’t keep doing the same thing year after year and expect new results. Our culture is ever evolving – your company should be too.

You have to meet the demands of your industry and audience… that only happens when you spend time pondering new and improved ways to do business. Innovation is key to your success. Ideas are just as important to your business lifeline as the money you have coming in. It is all connected. How do you think legacy brands stay in business? They continue to add a new idea on classic product. For example, look at Coca Cola’s innovative ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which produces cans and bottles with names and terms of endearment like ‘Bestie’ on them. People love seeing their name in print, and the idea that drinking a Coke brings them closer to another person! That was a genius idea to get people drinking and sharing a classic soda.

Your next big breakthrough will come from your next big idea! Whether it’s a bigger market share, new marketing strategies, or larger profits – it all starts with your ideas.

Inspiration concept crumpled paper light bulb metaphor for good idea

2. Ideas are the beginning point of all fortunes.

Think of all the great enterprises – they all started with an idea! The Waltons created Walmart based on the idea of selling large amounts of products at low prices. Microsoft was created when Bill Gates had an idea to create an operating system anyone could use. Tiger Woods has amassed a fortune based on the idea that he could be the greatest golfer alive. The vast Walt Disney Company enterprise all started from the idea of creating entertaining videos about a friendly character named Mickey Mouse. was founded on the simple idea that people would want to shop for books online. What great idea is lying dormant inside you that could change the world?

One big idea can get you out of the rut in which you’ve been stuck. One idea can dramatically increase your bottom line. One inspired idea can change your bank account in as little as one day! Great men and women become great because of the greatness of their ideas.

Every great business, every great leader and every great enterprise starts with a great idea. The level of your ideas will determine the level of your outcome!


3. What can new ideas do for me?

In today’s economy, new ideas are the path to big success. Without grand, inspired ideas, our world would be very different. The automobile, the personal computer, the smartphone, the coffee maker – all of these wonderful innovations started with an idea. There are ideas inside you that can change the world and solve problems for the masses. You have unique experiences, knowledge and wisdom that the world needs. Without a big idea, though, you’ll never reach the market like you should!

If new ideas can change the world at large, they can change your world, too. The idea for a new product or service can make your business more profitable. The idea for a new advertising campaign can cause your sales to increase like never before. The idea for a new revenue stream can make you money while you sleep and buy you more freedom. The breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is hiding behind your next big idea!

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Business Man With Concepts Representing Growth, And Success
  1. Ok, I’m convinced that ideas are important. How do I get new ideas?

This is where many entrepreneurs get stuck. They know that they need big, new, inspiring ideas to move forward, but they think they’re not creative. They think they just don’t have quality ideas inside them. Because they don’t have amazing ideas randomly popping into their head, they think those ideas don’t exist.

The good news is, you do have amazing ideas inside you! The key is to know how to extract your ideas and take action on them. Idea generation is a process I’ve been practicing since I was very young dreamer. I’m super excited to release an all-new tool to help you generate ideas like you never knew you could – Build Success Idea Cards!

All-New Build Success Idea Cards are Creative and Inspiring!

I’m passionate about ideas. My whole life has changed because of my inspired ideas. My businesses, my family life, the way I live, travel and experience the world all come back to ideas. All these physical manifestations in my life started as abstract ideas in my mind – then became words on paper – and eventually realities of my life! I know that this process will work for anyone who works it. I hope that you’ll join me on the journey of creating a better life and business by generating amazing ideas. To jumpstart your creative process, send an email to for your free Build Success Idea Card!





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