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As with anything the art of meditation becomes easier and more effective with practice. One of the biggest concerns that I’ve gotten from clients is what to focus on while meditating. So, I’ve put together a list of meditation prompts for business owners to help you succeed in business.

1. Meditate on Money. See yourself receiving checks, checks being deposited, clients writing checks to you. Think about the amount you want to earn and open your heart and mind to every way possible to receive money into your business and life.

2. Meditate on Your Promotion Process. Before any marketing campaign, take time to plan how you want it to go, then spend time meditating on the process. See it from the beginning to the end all the way down to the minute details. I do this often and it helps me to catch gaps in the process, as well as come up with creative ways to enhance the promotion.

3. Meditate Before a Presentation or Live Event. Take time to meditate on the presentation for maximum performance. I close my eyes and see myself on the stage, going through my keynote point for point. I envision the crowd’s faces and positive responses as well. I also go through my pitch and envision my desired outcome. I see the entire room responding to my offer, excited and anxious to purchase. These focused thoughts help me to stay calm, collected and on point with my performance.

4. Mediate Every Morning on Your Goals. Insight comes early; if you sit quietly in the morning and meditate and then listen within, you will discover brilliant ideas are ready to burst out of you. Find your very own sweet spot where you can get quiet, relax and think big thoughts. Allow your mind to expand and see yourself productive, profitable and progressing toward your goals. To zero in and align your thoughts with your most pressing activities, ask yourself the following questions:

What are my desires, goals and dreams?

What do I want to focus on accomplishing right now?

Morning meditation helps me to start my day strong, collected and full of clarity. So, regardless of the craziness that comes throughout the day, I am centered and responsive, able to get the job done without stress. I’ve found it much easier to accomplish my goals when I meditate.

5. Meditate on Clients. I created my client avatar and put it in a clear stand to sit in front of me so that I can meditate on ways to meet her needs. This helps me to create for my client and write marketing messages for her as well. When you meditate on your clients, you will come up with better ways to service their needs.

6. Meditate for Answers. Ask the right productive questions and you’ll get profitable answers. In my time of meditation, I usually ask a question then sit and wait for the answer. Sometimes it’s just one word that comes to mind. I then write that word down and take action right away. Sometimes answers come later, as I go through my day.

7. Meditate for Ideas. Meditation will cause you to become more creative in your business. Through calming your mind and focusing on breathing techniques or just being present, you will start to remove the stress that blocks your ingenuity and ideas will begin to flow.

So, that’s it. My secret sauce to destiny! I hope this helps you with your daily routine. Write your comments below… let’s work!


LaShanda Gary


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