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Get Unstuck


Have you ever hit a standstill in your business? Or do you remember the day you signed your first contract or served your first client? Do you remember the excitement of receiving that first payment? When you feel your business is in a dry season, you can sometimes feel stuck. Like a drought does it become hard to be creative, inspired, and motivated? If so, the information in this blog is vitally important for you and your business.

Running a business can be hard to say the least. It is sometimes difficult to reinvent your brand to your audience. It will be hard at least some of the time. It’s easy to get discouraged, feel overwhelmed, and throw in the towel before achieving success. I’m here to let you know that it is not your time to quit. You’re destined for great things, but you must press in and persevere to obtain them.


If your business isn’t growing, or if it’s declining, then some or all of these points will be relevant and important for you. The ability to stay on track and inspired will ensure your business meets and exceeds the company goals.

  1. Remember the why.

  2. What is the goal?

  3. Disassociate from negative people, places, and things.

  4. Learn the art of redesign, reinvention, and top-line products.

  5. Be thankful, it is your dream job after all.

  6. Be flexible with the plan to pursue the ultimate results.

  7. Update your website.

  8. Adjust your pricing.

  9. Be different. 

  10.  Pay attention to your money!

2013 Shay Cochrane

Remember that customer service isn’t just answering the phone when your customers have issues. It starts with the sales process and continues through to (hopefully) the next sale. Evaluate every step of your processes that customers go through and make sure your service is impeccable. If you already offer great service, look for details you can add to make the experience over the top!



P.S. Giveaway coming soon!



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