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Let’s Make 2017 Great Together!

It’s finally here… 2017 starts now! You have been counting down to a fresh start and it’s here!!!!

Congrats to all go getters who invested in their business and faith right at the beginning of 2017 by purchasing my new book  Destiny Strategies for Purpose and Success.

Have you chosen your words to zone in on for the NEW RESET? I have been truly blessed to hear how people all over the world are getting their lives together! By selecting a word, scripture, and plan for success.

I wanted to share some exciting things coming up!

2017 Women Who Inspire – click the link to nominate

CEO Confessions Special Feature – click the link to apply

Global Blog Contributors – click to apply

2017 Success Conference – July 2017

2017 Path2Purpose Conference – Details Coming Soon – Personal Website




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