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Dreams Do Happen

As I look over my next month’s plans I have asked God to be with me and to order my steps. As a woman of faith I truly believe all things are possible to them that believe. (Luke 1:37) It’s so crazy how God can set our hearts afire with his passion. You may wonder what type of blog is this. I wanted to share a few things that keep me grounded and humble to do God’s will.

First and foremost, I will always believe that as long as we live with the candid ability to trust the small still voice of our angelical host we cannot fail. For me as an athlete failure was never an option. So why should it be an option now? There is a strength that comes from the ability to dream.

Who would have ever thought a small town girl from Alleyton, Texas would live her dream of being an entrepreneur. It’s possible and yes it is necessary to live your dream life. The definition of a dream is a series of mental images, ideas, and emotions occurring in certain stages of sleep. An ambition is one that is extremely pleasant, beautiful, or fine.

See as a dreamer we have to tap in the ability to think, consider, contemplate, and conceive the possibilities of what we focus on. It is our unapologetic ability to project our hearts desire to spring forth into the reality of what we see.

So I want to encourage you to write down three of your dreams. Focus on Gods plan and will for your life. Allow the God of more than enough to work through you and for you.

With Love!

Lashanda Gary


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