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I've always known I was destined for great things. Even when I was diagnosed with a tumor I had the mindset that I was not going to be counted out. (I'm cancer free) I saw so many people who went through treatment that reached a place of despair and they gave up.

I had and still have too much to live for to ever say I give up. No, I don't believe the world can be healed by rainbows and sunshine, but I do know how you approach different situations will either speak success or defeat into your life. Times will be hard, situations will get tough, and yes sometimes the money will get funny.

It's up to you to say, I'm all in. To say this battle would not be trusted to me if I did not have to tools to fight it. Success or defeat? Which does your mind give life to?

My diagnosis and treatment was one of the toughest things I've ever been through. As I look back, GOD DID IT!

So out of the ashes we rise. I was able to birth my blog and identify my true purpose while sitting at doctors appointments. Waiting for test results, and therapy.



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