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Welcome to Dream.Build.Success. where we share the insider success secrets of bold female bosses! One major life changing lesson I’ve learned on my Entrepreneurial journey is that the real power, the true leverage is in people. We learn from one another, we support one another and most importantly, we connect one another. My goal is to always learn at least one lesson from everyone I come in contact with because our connection was no accident. So, in this series I’m sharing wisdom and knowledge through the experience of successful women I’m blessed to know.

We’re talking partnerships, success secrets, business tips, personal development and every other essential topic for purpose driven women like YOU!


My number one tip that I would tell any entrepreneur is to find a team immediately. By finding your dream team you will take unnecessary pressure off yourself. I own multiple companies and without my dream team… well I can’t imagine. So today I am sending a super shout-out to my DREAM TEAM of bosses that are in my inner-circle. Thank you for believing in my purpose and passion!

With that being said, pray for wisdom to identify your true tribe! Well, I hope this helps build your business and brand bigger than you’ve ever imagined. I would love to hear how you’re building your dream team!


LaShanda Gary


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