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OMG! Just a few days ago we met with business owners and leaders from all over to up-level their mindset and their business. The Success Conference serves as a refreshing shift to get you to think bigger and make bolder moves so that you can reach your business goals. It was so rewarding to hear the success stories of those who have applied the principles they learned from our courses and materials.

The energy in the room was electrifying! When you mix high expectations with an open mind, the possibilities are limitless. We challenged attendees to take more action using the information that they learned, and as a result, people were getting immediate breakthroughs. Some had same-day success, just from implementing a lesson while on a break. Others were freed from obstacles to finish writing their book. Our Success Mastery clients were challenged to earn an additional $1000 in a week, and we started getting reports from clients who did it in less than 24 hours—some did it in less than one hour!


It’s so exciting to see people rise to the occasion and meet a goal. When you witness someone learn something new and immediately take action then immediately get results…it’s exhilarating. This is what happened all day long at the Success Conference…it was truly our best event to date.

If you’ve been looking for something to renew your passion, someone to guide you to reach your goals, somewhere to go and meet like-minded people who serve as a support to your success…then you need to be at the next Ultimate Success Conference.

Here are a few reasons why…

High Energy Atmosphere.

We always provide guests with entrepreneur eye candy — inspiring decor and vivid colors that jumpstart your creative juices so that ideas will flow freely. Success Conference attendees received our exclusive Success Tools Map, a beautiful, step-by-step guide to taking the first steps to owning your vision. After completing the Map, each attendee had a powerful vision tool to keep their vision clearly in the forefront of their minds. Sign up today for our Success Mastery Coaching Programs


OMG Moments that only come from being in a live atmosphere hearing first-rate instruction on up-leveling your life.

Everybody comes to the Success Conference with their own circumstances, their own goals, and their own vision…and they all leave with specific answers and omg’s that resonate in their hearts. That’s why there’s always time set aside to discuss the big light-bulb moments, giving attendees a chance to share their revelation and plan of action to grow their business.

Confidence Conversion.

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like you can really achieve all the ideas, dreams and goals inside of you…but after attending the Success Conference, you will! Many attendees began to own their confidence, take bold business steps—right at the event! Once you become aware of the blocks that hold you back…you can be empowered to destroy them and start dominating in your industry.

It’s amazing to see young entrepreneurs stand up and declare they will earn six figures in the next year, then go out and do it. It has happened time and time again…from our Success Conference attendees.


Interactive Exercises.

Guests participated in many fun exercises that caused them to shift their thinking. These exercises create instant shifts in your mindset and position you to prosper like never before.

Timeless Marketing Methods to Implement Immediately.

Some people are stuck on marketing their business only one way… or not marketing at all. The Success Conference workshops are laced with strategic marketing methods that yield consistent results every time. Once you’re sitting in the atmosphere, you’ll be inspired with so many new ideas…that get immediate results!

We’ve heard dozens of stories of how these marketing secrets have changed business, in many ways. One attendee used just one of our tips to grow her Instagram followers by over 1,000 in about two days after attending the Success Conference. She’s been getting great engagement with her followers, and seen growth in her other social platforms as well!


Now that the Success Conference is in full motion, we hope to see you too at one of our upcoming events. You’re guaranteed to be inspired from the inside out…you’ll also be equipped with the information you need to make lasting changes and up level your business and life. The Success Conference is perfect for you if you’ve been wanting change, but not sure how to get started. It’s also for you if you need the accountability and guidance of a good coach to help you press in and reach your goals.

It’s truly a transformative, Success-stimulating experience to attend the Success Conference. Our Houston event was our kickoff – we’re hitting Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta and Louisiana this 2017. Our next tour stop this year is November 5th in Houston, Texas… purchase your tickets today! I want to meet you there, shake your hand, take a picture with you, and most of all empower you to succeed on a new level!

Success Tour 2016-2017

Houston – July 16th SOLD OUT

Houston – November 5th (Register Now)

San Antonio – TBD

Dallas – TBD

Atlanta – TBD

Louisiana – TBD

Houston – Success Conference July 2017

Totally Inspired,

LaShanda Gary

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