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27 Ways to Turn Any Lemon Situation into Lemonade

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Many of you may not know but my community and family have been directly impacted by the Richmond-Rosenberg floods in Texas. I wanted to take a few minutes to share some things we do when life gives you lemons.

Take two minutes and enjoy this list of my 27 tips to turn any lemon situation into lemonade. Just remember, small things can help you appreciate yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you will add up to big changes in your mind-set.


1. Breathe deeply. Inhale deeply, and exhale completely ten times. Deep breathing slows your thoughts, relaxes your nervous system, and brings you closer to your own intuition.

2. Meditate. Spend a few minutes meditating. Your logical mind, the prefrontal cortex, is constantly planning, analyzing, and thinking about the future. Give it a rest, and just be for a little while; you’ll feel refreshed.

3. Express Love. Write a note or tell a loved one how you appreciate them. Write 5 notes to yourself communicating positive words lowers stress hormones, bad cholesterol, and blood pressure, and it strengthens immunity.

4. Visualize. See yourself in a dream location and a better day. This will ensure your mind is focused on a positive mindset and stream of great energy.

5. Thought Exchange. Write a list of positive outcomes and traits. When you write positive outcomes you actually change the though pattern of your mindset.

6. Sit Steal & Be Present. Accept all your feelings about your present situation. They are valid, whether you like them or not. Accepting your current situation is the first step to feeling happier.

7. Declutter a Space. Declutter one surface or area. Starting small is easier. But when your home and workspace are clear from clutter, your mind feels more spacious.


8. Laugh. Take a few minutes and think about all the funny things that have actually happen. This improves your blood pressure, stress, mood, and tension.

9. Stretch. Sitting in a chair? Push away from your desk. Inhale, and as you exhale, bend forward, moving your ribs toward your thighs. Breathe deeply. Get out of your mind and into your body and the present moment.

10. Stretch your breath. Hold onto the back of your chair, and breathe deeply. This opens up your rib cage and lungs, allowing you to breath more deeply. The added oxygen to your brain will make you feel alive and alert.

11. Massage Your Muscles. Use coconut oil or sesame oil on your skin, massage it on your whole body, and then take a warm shower to help your skin absorb the oil. Touch is calming, and you can reap its benefits without buying expensive massages.

12. Take a Bath. Relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of a warm bath. Light some candles, and put on your favorite music.  Why dream about getting away when you can create a calming environment in your home?

13. Relax your Eyes. This relaxes your eyes and mind. This is especially helpful if you have a headache or feel fatigued.

14. Yoga. Take ten minutes to relax your whole body completely and then each part of your body in turn.

15. Snack in Peace. Put away all your screens. Savor your meal by noticing all its tastes and textures. You’ll improve your digestion and feel more relaxed as a result.

16. Walk. Even if you have very little time. You only need five minutes to stretch or walk outside. Building a little movement into your day is better for your health than one longer weekly workout.

17. Give a Hug & High Five. Hug someone or something. Like your neighbor, friend, pet, or even yourself. This is relaxing and calming.


18. Stop. Are birds chirping? Horns blasting? Voices passing? Notice your world right now, and see the beauty that is unfolding under your nose. You’ll feel a little better about your situation.

19. A List of Thanks. What are three things from the past twenty-four hours that can go on your list? Making gratitude a permanent trait is proven to make us happier, healthier, and live longer.

20. Blessing of Meals. Saying thanks for having enough will remind you of how much you have. When you think about the eight million people don’t have enough food, this should give you peace.

21. Unplug. Spend time outdoors without your digital devices. Notice the small details of your surroundings — the flowers, the trees, even the small ants on the sidewalk. You’ll feel peaceful and calm as a result.

22. Hang with Friends. Socializing is a secret of the world’s longest-lived people. Set a weekly meeting. Go for a walk, drink tea, or simply enjoy each others’ presence.

23. Listen. When people talk, listen to them. Be 100 percent present with your company, and you’ll get their appreciation in return.

24. Listen to God. Allow the holy spirit to speak to you in this time. Your faith will grow and sustain you during trying times.

25. Enjoy Nature. Pick a flower, leaf, twig, or fruit. Remind yourself of all the natural wonders that surround you right now. It’s easy to overlook the beauty in the present moment. 26. View – Vacation We relax and listen to the birds. Leave your busy life for a few moments to be with loved ones who are crucial to your happiness.

27. Give. Carry canned food for people asking for food.  Make eye contact. Recognize the common human spirit in every person you meet, right in your neighborhood.

Your happiness isn’t dependent on where you live, how much you weigh, or what you do for work. The key to happiness is appreciating what you have at this moment. Sure, we all want to make changes sometimes. But one change, no matter how big, is unlikely to transform misery into elation.




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