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22K IN 30 DAYS


It’s the last days of May and summer fun is on the way. $22K in 30 days has been chanting in my head since yesterday. I am amazingly proud, ready to share my knowledge and amazed.

Parts of my mind still don’t believe. Very small parts are afraid it can’t be done again and the biggest part is tapping me on the shoulder, squaring up and ready to kick the second quarter into the next level UP SIZE. I want to end this Month on the highest note so I have a Grind and Shine special for those of you who want to see what’s going right/wrong with your company and where you need to be to grow in the summer. Coupling it with the 30 day challenge for June and 30 Days, 30 Ways to Grow Your Client Base.

So let’s put aside the excuses, the fear, the doubt, if you’re ready to level up. Leave your email address below to receive a pay link for all DBS Courses for only $24 starting now.

Visit our store to gain instant access today, to take advantage of our life changing course for the next 30 days.




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