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Grace and Peace, this is my favorite part of my ministry and business. I enjoy praying for you and with you. The power of prayer and agreement for God's will can be life-changing. It can literally shatter the assignment of the enemy.

From one sister in Christ to another, from one Pastor to another, from one Prophet to another, and one Intercessor to another... "I see and believe in your ministry".

When it’s God, it’s never about titles, it’s saying yes to the call. That’s when “Destiny Shifts” it was a pleasure to connect with Pastor Brittney Harper, she is full of grace and class. She blessed me yesterday.

You don’t have to prove your gifts, ministry, anointing, or titles. God has already approved you.

I am so blessed to meet men and women of God from all over the world, I enjoy the moments, conversations, testimonials, comments, and likes. May God Bless You and Increase you!!! 😇➕

So when they ask, how did it go... just let them know, "God showed up and showed out".

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