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You should never miss another target.

Target practice refers to any exercise in which projectiles are fired at a specified target, usually to improve the aim of the person or persons firing the weapon. ... 

TP-T is a target practice round with tracer. 

This should plain your laser focus when it pertains to your business and personal prayer life.

The pressure to perform at work is insurmountable. Will I ever measure up?” Oftentimes, it’s so easy to be fearful of workplace pain points that we forget those circumstances could very well be the reason why God has called us as believers to that position in the first place. As Christians, we need to remember we have an enemy that works around the clock. And that enemy is not our boss, co-workers, or company. The real enemy (with a capital E) is Satan. God has given us the power of heaven through prayer so that we may guard ourselves against the devil’s tactics and overcome even the most despairing workplace experiences. Because of this, we have exactly what we need to strategically change our workplace for the better. That’s right. Prayer. 

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