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Write the vision, make it plan!

In 2004 God gave me a name and vision of opening a camp for girls. At that time I was working on my Ph.D. And was overwhelmed by coursework, presentations and appeasing my professors. So, needless to say, when I received the vision I knew I needed to bring it to fruition but had no idea of how I was going to do it. So I did what most people do, I locked it away and forgot about it. Fast forward 2013, as I was having a brief but in-depth conversation with a friend he said to me, “What are you doing? This is not what God has for you”! I was stunned, hurt, confused, scared but what he said struck a chord in my being so deep because I knew he was right. He wasn’t the only one giving me revelation and confirmation. By this time I had stop working on my Ph.D., resigned from a job, and I had begun working another, neither positions or continuing my education gave me joy. I always felt something was missing so, thus my journey of finding my purpose begin.

When I got still and quiet and I begin to cry out to God, he showed me the vision once again. This time God was more specific and showed me a vision of working with girls from daddy-less homes. Thus, The Ladder House was born summer 2013. Now, just because I knew my purpose it wasn’t easy bringing to fruition. I had no idea how to start a non-profit, who to ask or where the money would come from but I continued. I read, researched and prayed! Then in the spring 2014 I was laid-off from my job and I had no choice but to focus on God’s purpose for my life. So I did. I begin volunteering for a new non-profit for girls. I felt if I wanted to begin my own I needed to sow a seed in someone else’s dream. I volunteered that entire summer 2014 and the executive director and I became friends so, I felt comfortable sharing my dream with her. She was and is an angel sent from God! She gave me a blueprint on how to start my own and nurtured and fostered until, The Ladder House was born. The Ladder House was born officially fall 2014, ten years from when God gave me the vision. I am so grateful that he allowed me to grow spiritually, professionally, and mentally. We must always remember God has perfect timing and just because he gives us the vision doesn’t mean it will happen overnight. The vision is given to motivate us to see it become a reality!

Nakita Wanza

Fb: The Ladder House

IG: The Ladder House Twitter: @theladderhouse1


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