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My "WHY". It's actually very simple.

>>The Lord led me to create Dream Build Success because I desired to see FAITH +BUSINESS in action.

>>The #CRY of the sons and daughters who desired direction, assignments, and practical answers.

>>The #FACTS...I got tired of seeing people with God vision becoming copycats of the world system, sleepwalking on their faith, and waiting for man's approval.

>>The #ACTIONS... we've imparted into THOUSANDS globally, activated PROPHECY into the creatives, ministers, and leaders.

>>The #FOUNDATION is God, The Kingdom, and the Sanctification of the household of FAITH.

>>The #CALL you've watched the movement; saw the videos, heard the testimonials, and now it's time to launch into the DEEP.

>>Your #OPPORTUNITY to join the VISION for the next decade starts today.

>>December 19th, Houston, TX the #VISION2020 Marketplace, Ministry, Millions starts now.


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