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Facebook Growth Strategy

Facebook Growth Strategy

Video Training (Facebook), Ebook, and Worksheets


Attention Business Owners Who Want To Get Business From Facebook...

How To Get 3,000+ Facebook Fans In Less Than 48 Hours...LIVE!


This Live Event Will Show You:

-How To Grow Your Facebook Fans up to 3,000 in just 48 -Hours Even If Your Family Isn't a Fan Now!
-Exactly How You Can Get PAID to Sell Your Product Or -Service While Getting Thousands Of New Fans Each Day
-The Best Method for "VIRAL" Growth Once You Have This System Up and Running


In each session you will:

  • Receive the CLARITY you need about your next level of GROWTH AND EARNINGS so that you can birth a BIGGER VISION
  • Solidify your marketing messages so that MORE people can say YES to you, instantly INCREASING YOUR REVENUE
  • Understand the missing links in your social media branding and fill in the blanks so that you can WIN MORE and focus MORE ON DRIVING DOLLARS to your business
  • Receive 1 on 1 and small group instruction from LaShanda D. Gary and Dream Build Success



*Replay will be available


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    $197.99Sale Price
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